Wardrobes, Personalised for You as Your Own Great Little Boutique!

wardrobe inside Wardrobes, Personalised for You as Your Own Great Little Boutique!

Space Saving. Sustainable. Stylish Wardrobe Design.

You might just have to remove the phrase ‘not enough space’ from your vocabulary — because our home wardrobe designs are well-thought and made for compact urban homes to maximize space and storage. Now, efficiently manage storage of clothes and other items with a wardrobe that can be fitted with shelves, drawers, rails, hangers and more customizations — just the way you want!

Our Wardrobe Manufacturing Process


Step 1 : Enquiry & Site Visit

Once we receive your inquiry, we visit the house or office space to take measurements and understand your needs.

3d design

Step 2 : Design Creation & Discussion

According to our understanding and experience, we create a 3D Design of your wardrobe and discuss it with you in-depth.


Step 3 : Quote and Materials

We then give you a quotation and provide you with details about the materials we will use to design your wardrobe.


Step 4 : How We Work

We then explain the procedure followed and give details on the various reputed brands whose products we use.

expert team

Step 5 : Customization Begins!

Once we procure the materials and have your feedback, our expert designers get to work.

Types of Wardrobes Types We Specialize In:

Built-in Closet Wardrobes

Built-in Closet Wardrobes

Built-in or fitted wardrobes are usually floor-to-ceiling integrated closets, custom-designed for your room or office space.

Swing Door Wardrobes

Swing Door Wardrobes

A conventional choice for wardrobes where the shutter is attached to the closet with hinges — and you can swing open (and close) the doors!

Sliding Door Wardrobes

Sliding Door Wardrobes

Not reliant on hinges to hold up the sliding doors, these can be your classy and contemporary storage solutions.

Types of Core Materials We Use

We are one of the leading modular wardrobe manufacturers for your bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and office spaces too. Working with a range of wardrobe designs, structures, and colours, we use our expertise to fulfil your requirements. With a vast product range across different price points, we have something for everyone! We take care of your wardrobe design for homes as the one-stop-shop for all kinds of custom wardrobes. Below are some core materials we work with.


Engineered Wood

Also called mass timber, man-made wood, or manufactured board — it is made by binding or fixing strands, particles, fibres, veneers or boards of wood together — with adhesives or other methods of fixation to form the composite material.



It is manufactured from sheets of cross-laminated veneer and bonded under heat and pressure with durable, moisture-resistant adhesives. We use 3 types of plywood of the highest quality — Commercial Ply, Marine Ply and 21 years Warranty Ply.

Solid Wood

Solid Wood

This is a strong, natural product that offers natural strength. The lumber is directly milled from trees. It is often used for furniture, construction, cabinetry and flooring; and is known for its durability. It comprises of Teak Wood and Rubberwood materials.

hdmr board

High-Density High Moisture Resistant (HDHMR) Board

This material is superior when it comes to density and moisture resistance — making it a popular choice in moist climatic conditions or humid places.. The finest and strongest wood fibres with the best quality of adhesives are used to make it a high performance product.

wpcr board

Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) Board

This is a long-lasting and moisture resistant product — making it perfect to be used in kitchens, bathrooms, washrooms, etc. It does not corrode and is an environment friendly and non-polluting material. It is weather-resistant and also resistant to termites and insects.

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