How To Choose The Perfect Bedroom Wardrobe

How To Choose The Perfect Bedroom Wardrobe

Imagine a spacious bedroom with no wardrobe! Ran out of imagination? Modern homes without a fitting wardrobe are the same as watching an unfamiliar foreign language film with no subtitles. When you think of a modern bedroom, the furniture that pops up after your bed is a wardrobe.
Wardrobes are aspirational pieces of bedroom furniture. There are several aspects you need to consider before finalizing the wardrobe design for the bedroom. Your requirements and lifestyle should dictate the style and structure of the wardrobe — thus, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your room!
There are several factors to note before you choose a wardrobe for your bedroom. The one common thing among all the varieties of wardrobe you can find today, irrespective of your requirements and the bedroom it will be placed in, is that the wardrobes are used quite frequently. Hence, you should look for a wardrobe that doesn’t disturb the overall interior design of your bedroom and yet is easy to access and offers ample storage space.
However, maintaining the aesthetic and functionality between your wardrobe and the rest of the room is easier said than done. Here’s how you can choose a bedroom wardrobe in 4 easy steps to maximise its potential and have it fit all kinds of aesthetics, colour schemes, and budgets.

Step 1: Focus On The Type

Before you finalize the wardrobe design for the bedroom, you need to understand the different wardrobe types. There are 2 major types of wardrobes – A free-standing one and a custom-built one.
Free-standing wardrobes provide you with the convenience to be transported wherever you deem fit. This feature is sometimes absent in custom-built wardrobes. It might seem that a free-standing wardrobe would be the right choice for your room considering the time a custom-built wardrobe takes to get designed and built. However, custom-built wardrobes offer you the freedom to customize the size and design as per your preference and lifestyle. This is something that cannot be expected from a free-standing wardrobe. So, note your preferences and choose the best type.

Step 2: Don’t Forget The Measurements

Never forget the measurements. It’s always good to make sure you understand the size of the available floor space and the height of the ceiling — before you buy your wardrobe. Also, consider maintaining adequate distance between your wardrobe and other furniture to make sure everything is accessible. The last thing you want is a wardrobe that doesn’t quite fit in your room and to make it fit in, you become okay stumbling upon other furniture in your room!

Step 3: Know Your Style

The wardrobe design for home can get quite tricky at times. Ever been to a room where everything is beautiful and yet the interiors don’t quite come as a whole? This is because not much thought has gone into making the furniture blend in with the interiors. Hence, choosing the right wardrobe style that doesn’t interfere with your interiors but instead enhances its beauty becomes important. The style of your wardrobe should complement the existing theme of your interiors and the rest of the bedroom furniture. Visualizing the type of finishes, colours and detailing on the wardrobe and how it blends right into the existing setting should be your main focus.

Step 4: Decide on the Storage Space

You need to know the kind of storage space options you are looking for in a wardrobe. If your wardrobe consists of clothes for formal occasions, you are looking for sufficient hanging space. If you are someone whose wardrobe consists of multiple accessories, it’s advisable to opt for a wardrobe with multiple drawers. Highlight your storage needs and check if a wardrobe can meet your expectations.
You may want to check modular wardrobe options. Modular wardrobe manufacturers can provide you with easy fit storage spaces that can be made and dismantled at will. Contemporary modular wardrobes can act as a space-saving measure — with floor to ceiling wardrobes to maximise storage space.

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